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Monday, December 24, 2012

Wake Up!

All of you who have completed NaNoWriMo probably have not been doing much writing in the last month (I haven't). But now it is time to get up and write some more. Because your nap is over now. Last night I was reading the last 50 pages of Aardwolf because I forgot a lot of what I had done, and I came across some really oddly worded sentences that really didn't make much sense. One was said by one of my favorite characters in Aardwolf, Errow. he is really awesome.
“When one is close to their senses, they can tell certain things about one another. I have built up the tips of my finger, and they told me…”
Now that the pressure is off, we can write at our own pace and fix up our books (or finish it in my case).
Merry Christmas to all with great hopes and wish of longer posts in the future.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Writing: Best and Worst

The best part of writing depends on who you are. And for me, it's how I feel. There's
  1. Inspiration
  2. Knowing that I'm creating something awesome
  3. Remembering what I've done, and what I want to do
  4. Seeing my awesome imagination that makes my characters come to life.
What about the bad parts? Because, of course, to every pro there is a con.
  • Rejection
Don't we all hate it when someon doesn't like our books? That bad book review, or the ugly comment. 
  • Self-doubt
That feeling when read over an old book, an old short story, or an old manuscript you wrote. When you think I really wrote that? or Am I that bad? Why would anyone want to read my writing? Self doubt is probably to worst discouragement.
  • Writers Block
People tell you to try something different, write on a different story, or to change perspectives, but sometimes I am so discouraged that won't even help. Sometimes I don't want to know what to do, but just that I can do it.
But we all have our highs and our lows as writer. We all experience the pros and cons.
Your characters, which you thought you knew so well, suddenly seem like strangers.  No one, family, friends, editor, or otherwise, seems interested in your story.
What do we do when we get to this low? Either
  • Give up
The easiest option, but the worst. You quit because, well, you agree with everyone. You let your story end at the low point and everyone thinks of you as a quitter.
  • Or keep going
You tell yourself you can do it and, ignoring the negative thoughts, you write on. And your 1st draft doesn't need to be perfect. It can be full of flaws that you work out in later revisions.

There's plenty of people who want to write stories and never get around to it. Or who start writing a book, but hit a low and stop, but we keep on writers. We finish our stories. We look back and think I did that. I got over my tough spots and I did that. And you ought to be proud. Because you did that. You took the time to write down your thoughts on a computer, or notebook. You don't have to be published or famous to be a writer. Even the dictionary agrees with that. Here's how defines a writer

person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc., to writing

And here's what writing means:

such characters or matter with respect to style, kind, quality,etc.

If your committing you thoughts to words with style and quality, then you are a writer. And you should be proud to be one. Maybe you'll never be famous, or maybe one day you're books will be on the covers of magazines. But either way, you'll always be a writer.
It's simple just commit your thoughts and style, right? That is the easy part the hard part is keeping the thoughts...finishing the them. And making sure the thought keeps its style and quality. But we are the writers. We make it through the highs and the lows and we keep the quality through the highs and lows.
The next time you run into one of your lows, remember that. Don't shame yourself and remain someone who wants to be a writer, be one. It's easy to want, but being is another matter.
Whether your excuse lack of talent, time, “cool enough ideas”, or whatever else you can come up with, be sure you never forget who you are, and what you've done because you are a writer.

Friday, December 7, 2012

NaNo is over!!!

Yeah, the tittle pretty much says it all, NaNoWriMo is over! (And I won!) But my novel is not anywhere close to being done. By OYAN standards, I am on chapter 5. Since NaNo, I have written around 300 words. Yeah, I've been taking a break. My plan is to pick up the pace by Dec. 11th because after NaNo, I need a break. I was sick all over Nov. with various colds, and every NaNoer should take a break. But I do have a deadline, Aardwolf has to be completed and edited by June 30th. That's plenty of time, Right?
Since I don't feel like writing this post anymore, here's any exert from the introduction of Karmid.

            Evil, pure evil. That’s what lurches in these deep tunnels. Evil. I jump into the shadows as the eerie light moves across the stone wall. ‘They…they will rescue you,’ I repeat to myself. ‘I have made them so dark…so evil that no light can penetrate it. None.’ In the deepest shadow, things are different, the light cannot break through it. Darkness lurches here. Is this really where I want to be? No. Is my quick answer. It’s not where I want to be, but it’s where I must be.
            The light flickers. ‘Someday I will rescue you, may the Aardwolf comfort you. He will protect you, until you join us.’ I shake these dreadful thoughts out of my mind, but they quickly return. ‘Do not fear, little girl. I will take you to your mother. She misses you. She…loves you.’ “Mother,” I whisper so it’s barely audible. Yes, she does…did love me. Now she’s dead. No dead woman can love. She can’t love my pitiful soul.
            “Oh but she can,” Say a hissing voice, “She does.”
            “Go away!” I back into the corner of my shadow. “I don’t believe in you!”
            “You lack of belief is why I am here. The Aardwolf sent me.”
            “Go away! The Aardwolf is not my master!”
            “Not yet! The Aardwolf is already ruler of Occelir and will be ruler of you soon enough.”
            “But... In the name of Sahibel, be gone!”
            “Ohhhhhhh…” The voice slowly fades and then a voice echoes off the walls “Karmid..!” The voice hisses, but quickly fades.
            “I am the Aardwolf! Sahibel has no control over me!” A dark spot that is even darker than my corner moves into the darkness. “If you trust in…him…then why are you in the darkness? Indeed, I am your master.
            “Tell that to Sahibel,” I reply, shaking with fear. “He is ruler, and I am his subject.”
            “It is not his time to reign I have dominion over Occelir!”
            “But not over me. I trust in Sahibel!”
            The shadows are moving abnormally, they sail across the wall and towards me.
            “Sahibel!!!” I shout and all the shadows flee, all but one. The Aardwolf. The shadow slowly turns into an animal, a fierce Aardwolf
            But, when it hears the pounding of feet, it turns into a shadow and hides in the darkness. “Karmid!” I scoot further into the corner. “Karmid!” I dark creature opens the cellar door and walks through. “KARMID!” The deep voice yells hissing and sputtering like a demon. This was just one of the things the Aardwolf has up his sleeve. But then again, the Aardwolf ran from it. That left only one person. Father. I stay in the darkness to be sure. The hooded man grabs the lantern from the wall.

This has had no editing at all. It is my second time ever reading through it just now because my NaNo strategy was write and don't look back. And I didn't. I never reread what I wrote, so it has no editing.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prayer Request update

Thanks to everyone who is praying! My brother is doing good, he broke a part of his vertebra, but it was the best place to break it. He is home, and without any neck support at all. He broke a bone that is attached to the muscle, which is really good because we where concerned that is was a part protecting the spinal cord. Thanks to all who prayed!

Prayer Request!

My brother fell on his head and is in the hospital. He might have broken his neck. Please pray for my brother to be OK. I'll keep you updated, but prayer is awesome. Please pray!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm a Winner!!!

I won!!!

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on and all that. It feels good to done with NaNoWriMo.

Here are a few random NaNo facts:

First word: You
50,500th word: You
The sentence that made me a winner: “Thank you sir.”

I did not intesionally make it so that my first and 50,500th word would be the same, but I think it's pretty cool.
I am not done with Aardwolf, I'm about half way done, but I have won!!! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Ahead!

I don't have the time to write a long post, and won't until after November, but I have a super awesome picture (because a picture is worth 1,000 words, right?)

I am ahead!!! And here's another picture:

My brand new cover for Aardwolf.
Anyway, hope your NaNo is going well too.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


Here is a clip I just finished writing in  Aardwolf: (with a ... when I remove something from it for this clip)


          “So you’re a spy? ...”
          “Yes, you could say I’m a spy, or you could say I’m a man who’s ready to stand up for myself. You could also say I’m a man who’s ready to embrace life, and live it to its fullest. I’m tired of being a trader!”
          “So you became a betrayer!”
          Harlef ties my hands and shoves me towards a masked person. “Be good.”


          I pull out a knife and hide in my cloak. Yes, be good.


          I walk into the castle and past the numerous servants and slaves and straight into Sullon’s chambers. At first he is startled, but he smiles. “How are you today, Harlef?”

And another-


          “What are you doing?” I ask and punch his face.
          With his free hand, he grips his head. ...
          “ ... I want the joy of killing Sullon. I want to watch him bleed and beg for mercy. I want to watch him be frightened for one moment in his life and to feel the pain that everyone else has felt all these years.”
          “You have felt nothing! I was living free and then Sullon took over my home, my freedom and I was one of the people who helped Staskin become what it is today. You have lived in riches, while your people died around you!” Harlef throws a good punch to my face. “You are a heartless pig!”
          I pull Harlef back to where he tied Akce up. “Why did you tie up Akce?”
          “Oh, you’ve taken a liking to that lady? She’s cocky and overconfident…unusable. She is convinced that her way is best, even though it is filled with flaws.”
          “Yeah, and your plan doesn’t?”
          “Mine was thought through. Hers was a spur of the moment plan.”
          “How long have you planned yours? I’ve planned mine since I came to live with Sullon.”
          “I planned mine since he built Ahnnid! Oh! In your face!” Harlef punches me again. “See, that is planning right there!”

This is suppose to be Akce's mentor, but he isn't really turning out to be.
Akce doesn't need a physical mentor (Teaches the hero fighting, a weapon, etc.), but she does need a mental mentor (Teaches a virtue) really badly, and he just ruined himself with those two scenes.
Anyway, back to writing and maybe fixing Akce's...mentor. Or maybe I'll let him be and find another mentor. Either way,  I'm going to write some more and try to caught up on my word count goal because I'm close to 7,000 words behind.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Aardwolf Updates (Chapters 1,2,3,4)

So I've given up on labeling chapters by OYAN standards because at the moment here are where various characters are chapter-wise:

  1. Akce- Chapter 2
  2. Evadon- Chapter 3
  3. Ahlon- Chapter 1
  4. Dann- Chapter 4
  5. Conleeh- Chapter 3
  6. Partinzee- Chapter 1
  7. Togen- Chapter 3
  8. Karmid- Chapter 3

All of these are heros, someone of them are more main heros than other. So the main heros are:

  1. Akce
  2. Ahlon
  3. Evadon
  4. Conleeh
And that lead me to the introduction of a few people you've never heard of.

His parents left him to die as an infant, but lucky for him, a small group of traders found him and had the heart to care for him. (There's so much to spoil about him, so I don't want to say much more.)
She has lived in a dark cellar all her life we she has seen one bad sign after another. Karmid wants desperately to tell the world what she has seen in this dark home of hers, but her father is the on person who stands between her and freedom.
He has lived in the Polnce region his entire life, trying to live a normal life, but there is one huge thing that stands between him and being normal.
Togen- (You might have met him)
He ran away from home as an child the moment he got a chance he has to team up with his worst enemy to keep Sullon from regaining control of the world.

This is a short post, and the description are lame, I know, but I am writing this post at 11, after a lot of writing, so I'm tired. You'll just have to deal with short posts this November.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Excerpt from Aardwolf!!!!

By OYAN standards, I ahev not completed chapter 1 of Aardwolf (I've only started the inciting incident for one of four people.)
On Saturday, I wrote nothing and so far today, I've written almost nothing (only 300 words) unlike my planned 6,000 words this weekend. Excerpt
Here's the first couple hundred words of my novel (from Akce's view point)


            “You! You’re a spy!” A man runs me out of his broken down shack that he calls a club…a thieves club.

            I eye the handful of coins that came from the pocket of thieves themselves, but I can’t say they’re good ones. That would be a lie.
            I walk towards the marketplace, trying to avoid the simple shopkeeper Zodisor, but when you’re the only person around and the market is almost closed, then that is hard to do. “Akce!” Zodisor shouts. “What can I do for you?”
            I drop the coins on the table “What can I get for these coins? I don’t care how rotten the meat is, so long as it’s edible.”
            “I see you’ve been at the ports again…” Zodisor glances at the trader currency. “And didn’t have much luck either…”
            “You’re just going to turn me in again…”
            “Pork is half off today. I’ll give you some of that.”
            “Fine, just hurry up! I can’t stand here all night and until dawn. I’ve got places to be.”
            Zodisor pulls five slabs of meat off the butcher’s table and slides them over to me. “Thank you…” I mumble and quickly leave the docks.
            I pull into the shadows as the club owner marches through the street, as if he’s tempting me to beat him and prove that I’m better. The man’s searching eye has finally reached me. I tighten my belt and reach for my dagger.
            “Miss, I need you to give that money back. This club is for…”
            “It’s a thieves club.”
            “That’s not the point. My club is for thieves to grow together and thrive in the stupid swamp. I’m going to have to take it from you if you don’t…”
            The man rushes over to me. “Give it!”
            I punch his nose hard enough that it begins to bleed. “If you want it, you’re going to have to take it!”
            The man wipes the blood away and throws a wild punch in my direction, which is easily avoided. I pull out my dagger stand there, waiting to see the man’s response.
            “Please…don’t hurt me…” He begs.
            “Leave or I might be inclined to do so.”

I did I quick editing session on it before I posted it, but I'm sure it's still got it's flaws, though.
So anyway, I'm going to go work on aardwolf instead of this post. I'll write a longer update on Aardwolf later.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The First day of NaNo!

This is going to be a short post, but Nano is here. I have written my 3,000 words on Aardwolf (yeah!) Here's my story summary:

The Aardwolf has always been considered a god to the people of Occelir and when Akce disrespects the Aardwolf, her parents send her away to the Klah islands with a group of trader. Years later, the traders bring news of war, Akce discovers something that will change her life forever.
Ahlon was captured by his uncle and held against his will at a castle in Ahnnid, he play the role of a respectful son, but he knows he doesn’t belong. Ahlon has to choose between two options that both lead to disaster.
Dann is the son of a valiant knight and a princess from Kvaux. They both tried to protect Dann from something that was inevitable, and they saw it coming. They tried to stop it, his mother when as far as to giving up her life for him. Dann goes on a life changes adventure and uncover who he really is and what his parents tried to stop.
These three teenagers all live in Occelir, though miles apart and they get a glimpse of what they could be in ways no one expected and everyone tried to stop.

So my plan for Nano is to write 3,000 words today (check!) so I can write less tomorrow (and catch up on the school I didn't do today) And write 6,000 words over every weekend so that I can do school during the week.
I need to write around 1,700 a day to complete my 5,500 word novel.
Now, for a bit of a background on Aardwolf. I came up with Aardwolf when I was 6 or 7 years old. I don't remember why i came up with, or any other details and spend an entire hour looking through my room for the first draft of Aardwolf, which was called...something else.
Now, for the first paragraph of my novel. (It's a short one).

"You! You’re a spy!" A man runs me out of his broken down shack that he calls a club…a thieves club.

And the oldest version of Aardwolf I can find at the moment is one I wrote Nov. 2010 (little did I know I'd be writing it two years later that same month). The story was then nameless because I didn't like the name I had for it previously, I guess. Well, here's the first paragraph of the 2010 draft of Aardwolf.

Dann tried not to let the scorching heat decrease his performance. He stared at the king's face. It's not fair! Dann ducked to dodge a sword. He had to do it. A spur of energy hit him and he struck blades. Then felt blade come upon him. He braced himself for the pain and before it was upon him he felt horribly cold.

I am glad to say that Aardwolf is much better than that draft. And hopefully I'll find a handwritten copy of Aardwolf to share with you. That copy was written on a very old computer. (which is how I know when I wrote it).
I feel like the first 2,500 words were a bit more jumpy than I wanted them to be, but I think I've already said that the first 2-3 chapters (if I'm writing an OYAN novel) will be very jumpy. I have so far gone to 4 peoples view points, like the first 8 pages were switching to a different person each page, then I got to the point were I could spent 5 pages on Akce.
Now, off to write a bit more on Aardwolf and do some other cool stuff.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cavestone: Chapter 11 Report

Hello everyone. I have finished the 11th chapter...I actually completed it a few days ago, but I need to finish writing my report before I could post it. There have been several days where I have sat back and though "well, what am I going to write now?" and couldn't think of anything. And I simply didn't have the liberty to take a week or two off. When I finally finished chapter 10, I had a mega inspiration that really doesn't change anything until book 2 of the behind time series. For the majority of the time, I wrote 500+ words a day, and then did nothing for 2 day and continued like that. If I pressured myself, I could have gotten the 11th chapter done in 3 weeks instead of 1 month and three weeks. I don't think chapter 12 will be done by Nov. 1st, but I'm fine with finishing chapter 12 in Dec. and the editing Aardwolf and Cavestone at the same time. Now, I'll get back to actually talking about my 11th chapter. I think C11 will need a lot of editing because I was short on time, and quickly finished it up, also because I wanted to take a few weeks of break after I finished writing C10, but I didn't so I wrote at a really slow pace for a while, then I was able to pick up the pace and complete the 11th chapter. I already said that I had a lot of mini writers block, but I'm going to say it again...I had A LOT of mini writers block!
I feel like the death of my villain was a bit abrupt, but like I said early, it can be fixed in editing.
Sorry, about this post being super short, but chapter 11 was basically a lot of twists and there isn't much else to say. I'm in freak out mode, though because NaNo is tomorrow!!! 7.5 hours...I just freaked myself out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random Updates...

I won a award for my blog...It's nothing official, but I see it as a way one of my blog reader has thanked me for my work I've done on my blog. To get my award, I have to do several things that I honestly don't want to I guess I don't get my award? Anyway...
One of them is to nominate 15 blogs as winner for this same prize well and let them know about it. I'm just going to nominate some blogs.

These are my top 3 favorite teenage writer blogs, but I think only one of them reads my blog back.

I also like "Go Teen Writer"
There are other writers blogs and authors blogs I read, but you can check out my blog list if you want more blogs.
I am almost finished with my novel and I shall finish writing the chapter 11 report, then post it. I have 7 more days to write my novel, but chapter 12 is short, so I think I can do this. And since I'm getting into the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I made a brand new cover for Aardwolf. This is the type of thing that I've always wanted, but I recently figured out how to make a cover like this. And I'm very proud of it.
And now, a mini chapter 11 update, until I finish the real one. I have had a lot of moments of mini writers block, or detours. Yeah, it wasn't like I thought it would be. I was wondering when my villain would he would die. I had a few pictures in my mind of what I wanted to happen, but then I shocked myself by adding a twist that I didn't see coming, and I also had a twist that I had planned from almost the beginning. I had a lot of fun with this chapter, though, even though I took some breaks and wrote down a bunch of trash until I found something worth keeping.
crumpled paper
And now, for some NaNo updates. I already showed my new cover, and I've been planning my story, but I am so nervous about NaNoWriMo. (And excited too). I'm a perfectionist and I wondering what I will feel like if I don't meet my goal. What if I don't write 50,500 words on Aardwolf? But then again, as a young child my biggest dream was to write a novel. As a kid who had just discovered how to write, I used my new skills to write books. To this day, I have never finished a novel. In a little over a month, a hope to have completed to 1st draft of 2 novels, and make the younger version of myself proud (And the current version too). I'm finally at the point where I can see the end of my novel. I can feel it, And I know I will reach it.
There have been times in Cavestone where I've felt like quitting, but I kept on going because I have to complete a novel sometime if I want to be an author. And now, I'm at the point that I can't give up. I only have to write a few thousand words, and then I can say that I have written a novel, and who doesn't want to say that?


Saturday, October 13, 2012


Fall-Blog-Button 1
Because fall mean NaNoWriMo. I hope ya'll don't mind me posting a lot about NaNoWriMo, because I'm exciting about it (just encase you haven't realized it yet.) So I've been planning my novel and things have been crazy for various reasons. One of them is NaNoWriMo. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. And since I know how crazy November is gonna be, I'm lightening the load by planning.

I'm always at work. Always mapping out my story. Because I'm awesome like that. One thing that totally helps planning is being able to see things and through NaNoWriMo, I got a picture of my favorite character in Aardwolf, possibly all time favorite. Akce Endoner. I think that getting a drawing of her helps me out so much because I'm a visual person.
Also, on an awesomeness note, someone left a supper awesome comment on Writing Quotes Here's what it said:

As a web site owner I think the material here is really magnificent. I appreciate it for your time. You must maintain it and keep it up forever! Excellent work.

It made me fell really good about myself. And guess what? I haven't finish my OYAN novel, or even my chapter 11. That makes me feel really bad about myself. I live in such a sad life. I can't even live up to my own goals. But I have done an insane amount of planning for Aardwolf, so I'm sure that makes up for everything. And my new goal for chapter 11? I'm trying for the 17th of October. If I don't meet that goal, then I'll just be really upset with myself. And if I don't finish my novel by November 1st, then I'll just be really mad. And planning has given me an eye opener to how long Aardwolf will be. First of all, I have realized It'll be like I'm writing 4 novels and gluing them together.
At least for the first quarter, then It'll be more like 2. I have decided that I will have 4-5 view points. And all of this is going to be from 1st person. It's going to be a super fun November! (Even though the thought of writing 50,000 words in 30 days is still overwhelming.)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Writers Exam

Who's ready for NaNoWriMo? This is going to be my first year doing NaNoWriMo, but to me it sounds like a test. I'll be pushing myself to the limits because I set my goal at 50,500 words. I can't imagine writing the length of Cavestone (Which has taken me over a year) in 30 days. But I'm sure you all want to know what I'm writing about! My story is called Aardwolf. Here's a short synopsis that I wrote for my story:

The Aardwolf has always been considered a god to the people of Occelir and when Akce disrespects the Aardwolf, her parents send her away to the Klah islands with a group of trader. Years later, the traders bring news of war, Akce discovers something that will change her life forever.
Ahlon was captured by his uncle and held against his will at a castle in Ahnnid, he play the role of a respectful son, but he knows he doesn’t belong. Ahlon has to choose between two options that both lead to disaster.
Dann is the son of a valiant knight and a princess from Kvaux. They both tried to protect Dann from something that was inevitable, and they saw it coming. They tried to stop it, his mother when as far as to giving up her life for him. Dann goes on a life changes adventure and uncover who he really is and what his parents tried to stop.
These three teenagers all live in Occelir, though miles apart and they get a glimpse of what they could be in ways no one expected and everyone tried to stop.

I like it. I like it's pretty cool. I also have a NaNoWriMo cover shop! You can get to it here:
Just in case you need a super amazing cover for NaNoWriMo.
I've also sent in 1 million request for characters at different shops within the past 2 weeks and no one has given me a character yet! :(
Anyway, I think that NaNoWriMo sounds like a test because your pushing yourself to your limits and cramming words into a novel. I'm going into it with the mindset of a test. Who know what insanity will come out of me during this test...I don't do well with tests. Which is why it's kinda stupid to think of this as a test...looking back on things, maybe I should have done a better job of renaming it, but seriously, NaNoWriMo is long. Yeap. I'm calling it a test.
I guess it's time to start pushing my limits. I have 3 days left to finish a not even half way done chapter 11. I'll be getting no sleep. But I do have an excuse for my lousy turnout with C11. I've been six for the past eight days, since Sept. 29. And my word log that I fill out each and every day has looked liked this over they past few days: "None." "Cavestone: 86" "None." "Cavestone: 53". Things have been slow. And my plan was to do a ton of writing/planning for Aardwolf over my fall break, which I spent in bed.
This picture has small PLANNED relevance to the post, but of course when you find something this awesome it got to be weaved into your post somehow. Yes, so Darth Vadar thinks it's disturbing that this is my first NNWM test.
er test in progress osha sign
I really like images, if you can't tell, they make me fell way more awesome. I'm a visual person. 
But NNWM is going to be hard for me i chose a word count goal that is tough, but achievable it's gonna be rough, but if I go full speed, I'll be ok. My favorite me quote ever:

Dad: "Let's do a sanity check"
Me: "I don't think I'm sane."

That is by far the most awesome quote I have for myself. By my standards.
I'm also concerned about school and wondering where it will come in during this race against time. But you guys don't care about that.
You want to hear about my novel, I'm sure. But there's not much to tell you. I can't give you a scene from Cavestone because the showdown is a lot of Loral discovering herself and deciding what is true and what is false. So you don't get a scene
I'm going to go and work on Novel planning and novel writing because both of those must be done by Nov. 1st. And just because it rocks:
-Ruth A.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Writing Quotes

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge
is limted. Imagination encricles the world." -Albert Einstein

I find it odd that a genius like Albert Einstein would say that imagination is more important than knowledge. 

"Everything that doesn't kill you, males you stronger. And
later on you can use it in some story." -Tapani Bagge

"The difference between fiction and reality is
that fiction has to make sense." -Tom Clancy

I found this quote today and I really like it because life hardly ever makes sense...but that why we write, or at least that's why I write. So that I can get away from life and create a world that I understand. I don't even know who Tom Clancy is, but he sure has a pretty awesome quote.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Point of View

As National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) approaches, I am faced with several choices, on massive one is what point of view my novel should be in, so I thought this would be a good time to write up a post about Point of View.
What are the basics? Well, I can write in 1st person, 2nd person, or 3rd person. But there's more detail I have to get into in points of view, like the subcategories. Here's a list of the basic point of views: 
  • 1st person: Written using "I", like the hero is retelling the story. 
  1. 1st person multiple- Switches to different characters.
  2. 1st person limited- The entire story is spent in one characters mind.
  • 2nd person: Uses "you" (I have never read a novel in 2nd person)
  • 3rd Person: Written using "he, she, it", but you still know what the hero is thinking.
  1. Limited 3rd person- Follows one character.
  2. 3rd person multiple- Follows multiple people by switch to different characters after a scene is over.
  • Other:
  1. Omniscient- Told by a narrator who know what everyone is thinking. (This is different than 3rd person multiple because you can "switch" to different peoples thoughts during the same scene.)
  2. Objective- You don't go into any characters emotions, and simply tell the story.
Here are a few things I found out from several blogs/websites
When choosing a character for the point of view: (One character)
  • Who will be hurt by the action? Someone who is strongly affected emotionally usually makes the best POV character.
  • Who can be present the climax? Your POV character must be present, other wise we'll have to learn about the most important event in the story though second hand information.
  • Who gets most of the good scenes? You will need someone who is present at those too
  • Who will provide the most interesting outlook? What kind of observations do you want to make? Who would be best to make them?
You should use multiple points of views if...
  1. you want to show how your protagonist appears to others.
  2. your main viewpoint character is unreliable.
  3. the contrast between your protagonist's viewpoint and another person's viewpoint is central to the story conflict.
  4. you want to show precisely how dangerous your antagonist is.
Now, back to me.

It's best to use the least amount Point of View (POV) changes as possible. I understand having to use several characters' points of view in your story, my NaNoWriMo novel will switch between at least 5 people, but use the least amount of POV change because it can become confusing. In my NaNoWriMo novel, it will almost be like I'm telling 2 different stories, at times, but everything will have to be told in the right order, and not in two different stories, because both "stories" need each other and cannot be told a different times. My two choices for POV are 
  1. 1st person multiple- Switches to different characters.
  2. 3rd person multiple- Follows multiple people by switch to different characters after a scene is over.
Either would work for my story. I can't use any limited POV's or 2nd person. Omniscient and Objective just would work out very well. So here are some pros and cons to both POVs that I have to decide from.
  • 1st person multiple
1) easier to create emotion in 1st person.
2) I've almost finished a novel that written in first person, so it might be easier for me to write a novel
3) You understand the hero better and his/her motives
1) Switching POV in 1st person can be confusing.
  • 3rd person multiple
1) It's way less confusing when POV changes
1) It's more challenging to create emotion in 3rd person

I've read one book in 1st person multiple, and I thought the author did a great job of telling whose mind you where in. I want to write a 1st person multiple at some point in my life, but I'm not sure if I want to write it now, of save it for later.

I haven't read through this entirely, but I glanced over this Wikipedia article, and from what I saw, it was good. If you want to know more about a POV, then read this:


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chapter 10 Report

Chapter 10 was completed on Saturday, Sept. 8. (I’m two days ahead!) I change my mind a lot, and I quickly changed something to the story that will change a lot of things in the second book. I also need to find a better balance my time. I used to stay up late doing my writing, but lately I’ve been up doing Tae Kwon Do, so that I could test for a higher rank, which I'm doing on Friday! So I will be more challenging for me to do school, write, live my busy life, and add in TKD. But this isn't related to writing, so I’ll go back to chapter 10. The tension has been building, and now Loral gets to fight Dr. Drey with all she’s learned so far. Honestly, it’s hard to write a chapter 10 report because there’s so much to spoil in my story. In my editing, I think I might spread the stuff of chapter 9 more into chapter 10 because I feel like chapter 10 is a little light on tension, and like I said in the mid chapter 10 report, Loral was doing more thinking than doing, but if I spread things out more and add a bit more to chapter 9, then Loral will be thinking and doing, I'll probably end up doing that. It's Thursday evening, and I've only written 13 words on Chapter 11. Yes, I know, I', falling behind, but as I said before, I've been doing Tae Kwon Do. Here's my word count:
Chapter word count: 5,176
Book word count: 39,605

Friday, September 7, 2012

I've got a cover!

Yes, the excitement is here...I have a cover for my story! That means that I think my story is awesome. I like designing covers for stories that I think totally rock, like my current novel. If I ever publish my novel, the chances that I will use this cover are very small, I have some talented friends and I can do better than this as well, but my mind works in a way that one of the first things I make when I come up with a story is a cover, but this is not my first shot at a cover either. My first ones were just beyond bad, which I will not show you and probably not anyone. My covers help me think out my story (And are an outline of what I want my cover to be). I've been trying my best to stay true to my goals, too. I'm almost done with chapter 10, and my new goal is to complete chapter ten by Sept. 10, so that I have 1 month to complete chapter 11. I don't have anything much to say, until I complete chapter ten and write a chapter ten report, which will hopefully be published by Tuesday or so.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goals and A Mid Chapter 10 Report

Hi everyone. September is finally here, which isn't so great...because that means there's only two months until Nation Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) And I am currently planning on doing that. And if I don't finish Cavestone, then it might never get done then. So that means that I need to finish my novel, and I'm still on chapter 10! So I'm going to try and complete chapter 10 and 11 by October 10th and chapter 12 by November 1st. So, there we go. There's my goals. Now, for the...

Midway Report for Chapter 10

Yes, I’m a slow writer. I wrote my post about completing chapter 9 on June 24. I completed chapter nine the previous week. And it September now, so around two months later, I’m not even done with the tenth chapter. Chapter ten included my surprises for myself, like I had this character I had been meaning throw into the story somehow from almost the beginning and he came into the story in this chapter. During these two months, I’ve also edited chapter nine and put another character in there that need a spot, and he proved to be a big impact on C10 (chapter 10.) One of the reasons it took me a while to write C10 is because a lot of it is Loral reflecting on what has happened. There is still stuff going on, but Loral is mainly thinking. A second reason as to why it took me a long to finish is because I was trying to decide if I wanted to remove one of Loral’s objectives from the entire story and after thinking and thinking, I decided to leave it in because if I didn’t, then it would call for massive editing and the whole story would shift in a different direction. I was thinking of removing this key that unlocks the secrets of the universe, but then I’d have to invent another reason for why she was sent back in time and do massive edits, or remove, my sequel. I spent several weeks thinking about this and final decided to keep the key. C10 was also longer then I originally thought it would be. In my outline, it was a few pages that helped transition into the showdown, but chapter nine changed a lot and so C10 had too as well.  By the time I finished chapter nine, I knew C10 would be longer then the outline, but it grew even as I wrote it. C10 is also taking longer to write because I wrote a good deal less in the summer. One would think it would be the other way around, and so did I. I planned to write a lot more this summer then I had in the school year. My goal was to finish Cavestone by summers end, but I did not take into consideration the fact that I would go to Niagara Falls, go on a mission’s trip, and spend a weekend with my grandparents.

Chapter word count: 3,509
Book word count: 37,947

Monday, August 20, 2012


It's easy to get carried way when writing, but really, when is there too much description? I, personally, do not really like description because too often, things are over described. 
Look at this picture. If this was a scene in your story, what would you describe? You should describe something if...
  1. It has impact on the story, either now or later
  2. It creates emotion for the hero
What else would it be described? If the hero was terrified of  peanut butter and went to a dinner were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were served, then it would affect the hero, and would need to be described. And, also, if the PB&J is poisoned, then you would need to describe that. And now, I know that the majority of my readers are thinking that a novel would be rather short if you cut almost all of the description. Well, there are cases when you might describe more then the two things stated before, like if the hero was walking down a pathway. You might want to describe some scenery, but for the most part, I recommend leaving out unneeded, ones that aren't meaningful. And be sure your descriptions are predictable. Do not waste words on something that we already know, like "the diver behind the steering wheel." We need to use description that makes emotion. And if you like description, then here's a tip: throw in some action. Leaving out description may shorten your story, but if the description is boring, then it's better left out. 
Just remember that if you have to choose between a short, good story or a long book (which is over describes) then choose a short story. Just like anything, description is good, but if you use to much, it will ruin your story.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cavestone: A Scene

I'm almost done with Cavestone (My novel) and I'm going to give you guys a sneak peak from it.
The scene is in the first chapter, it's probably the 3rd or 4th scene, so it's pretty early on in the book. What happened in the previous scenes is Loral had a dream and then her boss, Dr. Cria, wakes up and tells her to get to work, but she convinces him to get her some cake because it's her birthday.
     I sit on my bed contently munching on a piece of cake Dr. Cria grabbed from a bakery as I hold the picture of Connor. “Happy birthday.” I mumble. I, then, wipe white icing from my face. I find it difficult not to cry as I remember days like these. The days when I would be up by 4 A.M. with Connor, counting down the seconds until we were born, Connor being at 4:25 and me being at 4:29.
     Now, I’m the last remaining Elrod…except for maybe Devan. I think back to the night that I dreamt about.
     A lady rushes into the room as a clutch onto Devan and Sophia chitchats in my ear, but I focus on the lady. She is almost memorable…almost.
     “Loral!” The lady shouts.
I am shocked to hear here call my name, but my curiosity gets the better of me. “Who…who are you?”
“I need Devan.”
“Not my brother!” I shout and hold him so tight he screams. The lady rushes over to me and picks me up. “He’s not going to take you two as well. No, he’s not! He can’t take my grandchildren as well!”
“You’re my grandma? Who is trying to take me?”
“It’s Sammy and Abby. They’re at their games again.”
The lady tugs me who is holding Devan out the door. “What about Sophia?”
“That’s Sophie?”
“Sophia!” Sophia states. “Sophia Parham, if you don’t get it right, then I’ll…”
“Come with me!”
“No!” Someone stomps down the hallway.
“Quit with your games, you no good old lady.” The lady drags me and Devan away from the stomping as fast and silent as she can manage.  
     I drag my feet across the ground to slow her progress. “I need to watch after my brother!”
     “You’re too young to take on that responsibility.”
     I look up at her with bulging eyes. “But it’s only for a little while. Mommy will be back soon.”
     “Ok, look…your mom and dad are dead. And you're are what…2?”
     “I’m 6. Today is me and Connor’s birthday.” I reply as the footsteps grow closer and closer.
     “Connor can’t have birthdays anymore.”
     “Yes…yes he can! I know he can, he just did. Me and Connor got up at 4 and then when both turned 6…”
     “I’m Connor is dead, that was his last birthday.”
     “No! He cannot be, because I just saw him.”
     “And I just watched him die.” The lady continues to drag me as the stomps grow closer. “He’ll kill you too.”
     “But I work for him. He would not do that.”
     “Mr. Doctor Cria just killed your parents. He just killed Connor Elrod. He killed your Uncle Prewitt and Aunt Annie. He’s coming for you too, and then for Devan. You’ll all be dead by morning.”
     “Take Devan. It’s too late for me. Mr. Cria is so close that both me and him can’t stay alive. No, you take him and I’ll watch over him…just like mommy said to. Devan is my little brother, and I’ll have to take a few risks for him…just remind him about me…and Connor.” I kiss Devan on the cheek and he wraps his little arms around my neck. I pull then away and the lady drops me into the hallway, where doom awaits.
     “Mr. Doctor Cria, have mercy on me.” I whisper as I lay in the darkness.
It's not my best scene, but the my bests have one thing in common, spoilers. And they're no fun. But flashbacks are cool, and I have a lot of them in my story because Loral has a complex childhood. Flashbacks rock.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ember Flame: The Review

I've had a couple of people ask me what I really though of Ember Flame. They've told me to be honest with them...Why? Because my best friend wrote the book. She's someone I know. These people think that because I know her, I'll lie about her book or make it seem better than it is. Quite the opposite is true. I actually am more tough on her. Why? Well, first off, she asked me to be when she started editing another book she wrote (it's not published). And if I hated the book (I didn't) and I told her I loved it, what good would it do her? How will she improve? So I will be honest and warn you if there are spoilers ahead. (If there are any at all). 

Now that I have that over with, I can begin with the actual review. First of all, I did not like the romance that was in the story (not the main focus of the story AT ALL, but I still didn't like it). Since it was not cliche, no points going off there, but still not a preferred thing.

  1. Pros
    • The story was creative
    • The hero, Ember, was very realistic
    •  I loved the fact that there were many plot twists…I found myself wondering many things and being shocked when I got my answer
    • The majority of the story was believable
    • I enjoyed the story even when I read it a second time (I hardly ever read a book twice)
    • There was romance, but it was not cliche
    • There were good themes that ran through the whole story
    • The ending was satisfying and the part words were great
    • While the villain was a little cliché, he also had some twists I was surprised when I learned his background- it made me hate him more!
    • The ending was satisfying and filled with mixed emotions
    •  Ember Flame is set up for a sequel, but without using cliffhangers
  2. Cons
    • There was one battle scene that wasn't very believable (There was only a small part of the scene, so 0.3 points off)
    • I found the villain a little cliche (Since only parts of him where cliche and there were some very non-cliche parts of him, around 0.2 points going off there)
    •  There were a few parts that I didn't understand and weren't ever explained in the story (There were 2 parts that I didn't understand at all and wanted to know more about, so .5 points off for that)
As you can see, there aren't many negative things that I found in the book, so I’ll give Ember Flame a 9 out of 10. Great book, and is highly recommended by me. I hope I didn't spoil anything in this review because I tried really hard to not.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Characters, Cliches, and More

I absolutely love character building! One story that I have had for a very long time (comes in second for most edited plot) Is the Tusger Rebellion Series that stars Akce, Ahlon, and Dann. I know that Ahlon is a lot like Allen and Dann is a lot like Dan, but Dann's real name is not Dann (it's a spoiler if I tell you his real name) and Ahlon's real name is not Ahlon (Also spoiler). But Akce's name is intended to be a respell of the ax. (And it's a spoiler if I tell you why). I have been working on my two most edited stories, and so I thought I'd write a little bit about them.
So Akce is one of my all time favorite characters of any book because she's...well...awesome!
One thing that I love doing is coming up with a meaning for the name of my characters. So here is the meaning of the three heroes' names.
Akce- Lowly Noble
Ahlon-King of Power
Dann- Extreme (His real name has a meaning that suits him better)

And my other story that I have been working on is Wontrae's Flames (Previously known as "the Dragons of Wontrae"). Which has won the award for the most edited plot. This idea is newer than Tusger Rebellion (Which was my 7th or 8th story idea), but it had much more plot flaws. Jaydurin is one of the main heroes for this story. (I say main hero because there are 10 people that qualify as heroes in this story, and this is going to be one book that I will not be surprised if it turns out to be 8 or 9 hundred pages because there is a lot of plot, but it would only work as one book (unless I use much hated cliffhanger).
This book had to be edited the first because when I was around 7, In wrote a cliche knight saves pretty girl story...but I learned that that was cliche, and so I kept the story (because Jaydurin is awesome), but threw in thousands of twist and made it so that the whole plot and Inciting Incident wasn't about the girl.
But then I read a story by Bryan Davis (Dragons of Starlight) that was very similar to my story. Here are a few big ones than do not spoil either books plot.

Series name?
Me: Drgaons of Wontrae
BD: Dragons of Starlight

First book name?
Me: Wontrines
BD: Starlighter

Boy Hero's name?
Me: Jaydurin
BD: Jason

Girl Hero's name?
Me: Kyra
BD: Koren

Me: Jaydurin goes to look for a princess and, after traveling through desserts and other tough terrain, then is magically transported to Wontrae, where many people are being held captive.
BD: Jason is forced to travel through tough terrain and is magically transported to Starlight, where many people are being held captive.

Who is the Villian?
Me: Dragons.
BD: Dragons.

My book was much different, but could easily be translated into a redo of his story. Because Jaydurin found a place where people were being held captive by dragons.
But it took me a really long time to convince myself that I needed to change my story (A whole year!) because Jaydurin is so epic! And Kyra (Now known as Aren) is just as awesome! So I needed to edit my story again because I didn't want to look like a copycat.
There were many minor edits and medium edits in between and after those, but those were the massively huge things that I did.
I could talk about Tusger Rebellion edits (and some edits that I might have to make) but Wontrae's flames is a better example of how editing is fine. If you love your character and have a cliche or copycat plot, then rewrite the plot and keep the character as close to the same as possible, even though change is unstoppable.
In Wontrae's Flames, I ended up making Jaydurin a griffon, even though he was human before. And Aren was a human, but now she's a dragon-like creature. I loved how my story was before, but I am pleased with the edits now and I think my characters are getting better as I edit them and make them just right for the role that they will play.