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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Refining Characters

When a character is first made up, it's got a lot of work that needs to be done.
What does he/she look like? What makes him her important? (If anything)
There are so may question that need to be answered. So times when character appear in a story, they just don't seem real. That is the worse problem ever know to author and it needs to be fixed. RIGHT AWAY!!! If you have an unrealistic character drop everything and run to fix that as soon as possible. One bad character can ruin a whole story. When you have a poorly developed character, it will not be ok this once or no big deal. Not matter how minor the character is, he or she needs to get fixed or else your story will suffer. ALL THE STORY!!! One mistake can ruin a story which is why you need mass edit before you ever even think of publishing. Poor characters will leave your reader with a bitter after taste and no matter how epic your story is, the character must be good two. You must work very, very hard on your characters because it's easy to tell how much time you spend on a character by how realistic it is.
Your Villain can't be pure evil. Yes, he must he must be evil, but not purely and horribly evil.
Your Hero can't be the perfect example and neither can your mentor. You Hero should not be the best ______ in all the land! That is a huge no! You're hero must be a normal person how was thrown into a plot because of your villain. Maybe you're writing romance and the villain hurts the love in some way so that the hero feels the need to stop the villain and make the love have a better opinion of the hero.
Maybe your writing fiction and the villain does ____ and the hero has to stop it.
Almost any story is about someone bring something to an end.
Make yourself a list of question that help you think about characters. As a writer, questions are your friend they bring your story to life and help you think about your story. ALWAYS remember questions.
Here are a few examples:
What is his/her background?
What is this person hiding? Why?
 Does this person have any connection to the villain?
What impact does this person have on the story?
What is the purpose of his/her appearance in the novel?
Will this person (privately or publicly) help fulfill the story goal?
Does this person help the villain in any way? If so, Why?
      What does he/she have to lose? Are these things important? How important? What is he/she willing to do to keep it?
      Did he/she know who the hero was before they met? If so, who told him/her?

The Writer Repair Shop

If you're coming back to my blog it means you liked it to at least some extend or your a broken down writer who needs to be fixed up. This is a blog designed for writer and I will do my best to help you along on you writing journey.
Some people live beside a sad block, it's got a pitiful name, writers block. I've found that block at my door step may times and let me tell you, that block will not move itself. You need some serious mind power to push that block away. My block always finds me when my story is boring, well I should say it usually does. Once I was in the middle of a battle scene and then I found my writers block, one of the only things I hate finding.
I make a list of the ten worse things that could happen in my story and choose one of the things. Of course you must choose something that you can explain why it happened later in the story. And you probably wouldn't want to make the hero die...
Another thing I do is try to do is find out why my story is boring.
But there are so may types of writers blocks, and I only know remedy for MY writers block. These tips may of may not works for YOU. You should feel like a failure as an author if my tools don't work on you because I know how to get my mind working and thing will go better for you if you do too.
I'll try to do more on Writers block later and also I write fiction and fantasy stories, so I'll try to get some tips out there for people who write other genres than me.
Although writers block is the leading cause for a blocked up mind, it is not the only. I have had a case where I didn't want to writer and I felt more like I  had to meet my daily word goal. Sometimes stepping away from the keyboard for a day or two will fix this, but don't let your mind sit idle for too long. If you can't make yourself work on you story, write out questions that will help develop your story or characters. Sometimes that helps because you get away from your story, but you're still being creative.
Ask question like: What impact does this person have on the story?
And also devolving your stories can make you want to work on it more. At one point in the novel I'm currently working on, I got myself to keep on going by saying stuff like "Come on! My showdown will be so awesome when I get there! I have to keep going!" You have to find something to keep you or else you'll never finish your novel. Ever. So if you want to have a published novel and look back and say, "I'm so proud of myself." Then you better keep on going. Also, find a writer buddy. They are close to essential and it's almost impossible to write a novel without someone who shares your love for writing. Note, I said ALMOST and CLOSE. It is possible to survive without another nerdy author that you can talk to about you're stories and share ideas with, but a writing buddy makes life so much easier.

Friday, March 23, 2012


As you can see, my blog has gone through a complete transformation. Well maybe you can't see that...but I can! You see, I love writing books and reading books and dragons. The dragon part is a little obvious, but maybe you didn't know that I liked writing... if you like that stuff, than your in the right place if you don' better get out of here now before the nerdy writer in me gets going. For those of you who aren't gone because you hate writing, if you hate reading, you better get out of here fast too.
Ok, now that that over with, those of you who are still left are going to LOVE this blog (I hope) and your life will get interesting...maybe. Or maybe you'll just read my blog when your bored. Either way, this is going to be great.
For those of you who don't know, I'm Ruth Ackiv. And I...Um...I don't know what else to tell you...I mean what do you need to know about he other than that I love writing and my name?
Yeah, so you good information wise, but while your waiting for another post to come along, you want some good writing stuff to ponder.
First, why does everyone like romance novels. Maybe your one of those people who loves to sit in your bed and read a book about a guy who loves a girl...WELL I DON'T!!!! If your one of those people like me, it good you haven't been brain washed by your society. For those of you going WHAT??? WHY DOESN'T THAT POOR GIRL LIKE ROMANCE???? I pity you.
Ok, I'll admit some romance is OK, but has to be a sub-plot, not the main goal! It's so pitiful and cliche to have a valiant knight save a wimpy girl he likes.
Most of you who where going "What? Ok, she doesn't like cliche stuff, neither do I..."
For those of you still like "WHAT??? THAT'S CLICHE????!!!!!" You live in a sad, sad world.
But I never really like romance ever, I just hate it when it's cliche.
Even when it's an uncliche romance sub-plot, I still despise it.
And now I'm back to being hated.
Maybe that was the wrong question to ask. Yeah. Probably was.
But hey, now all you guys know I hate romance, but I do tolerate it if the story is worth it, but if it isn't, I put the book down. By worth it, I mean that the plot is good and it's got action and adventure.
So went I rate a book 1-10, I'll not take points down for romance, unless it's extremely cliche or boring.
I'll be doing book reviews on my blog along with giving writing tips and other writing related information. So that's really what this blog is all about. Enjoy.
I have also have another blog. It's called Ruth Ackiv...because that's my name. I am a Christian, which mean I serve Jesus and I love him. That is what my other blog is about. You can get to my other blog here. (

I also read two other blogs about teenage writers,
Teenage Writer
and The Writeress
On some future date, I may make a list of all the blogs I read, but for now, Ruth is out.