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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Synopsis

Since this is my writing blog, I thought all my readers might want to know what I'm currently writing about, so here's the synopsis for my story called "Tombstone"

When Loral Elrod is forced to go back in time by a scientist, she later learns that the he sent her there with the intent of killing her. But what first seems like a scheme to kill her turns out to be much a much bigger plot and there’s only a few people remain who can stop him and as Loral goes on an adventure in ancient Israel, she uncovers secrets that no one was ever meant to figure out.

I know it's not all that great, but it's a start.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unromantic About Romance

Need I say any more? I'm so not in love with romance. This post is a demotivation for romance, but of course I have to give you a good reason or two or else you might go ahead and write on.You might write about a guy who likes a girl...and what fun is that? Ok. Some of you might be thinking, "but there's so much fun in romance!" Well I guess romance is a something that most people like. I don't even know why I don't like Romance...


I have no idea why romance is the thing that everyone must have in a novel, but I hate romance, even though I do have romance in some novels...because real life has romance. And I like to write believable novels. Something that maybe could happen. I know that other worlds and going back in time both aren't possible, but when I write about these things, I want my world or time period to be believable. I guess romance is popular because romance is real, but I don't understand why there are stories solely about romance. That, I don't understand.


That is what I call personal preference. It's like asking someone why their favorite food is there favorite. They just like it. In the same way, I just don't like romance. Not because I don't think it real or for any other reason like that. I just don't like it.

There's no reason to get angry about romance unless it's cliche. I just don't like it. Romance doesn't make me hate a story, I just like a story better without it.
I think of a story as food. You start out with something basic and then you add sauce and flavoring until you get an extravagant meal. To me, romance is like adding a little too much of something...let's say pepper. The food is still good even with too much pepper, but I'd like it better if the pepper was just left of. I don't think the pepper ruins the meal, but I think the meal is better without it. There are some novels where a hint of pepper is enjoyable, but I mostly don't like it.