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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Picture and Writing and a Block

There are many things that need to be said about writers block. There are many thing I have learned about it since I last spoke about the matter. First of all, what it is.
  • Writers block should be though of as a detour.
There are many things that you could call writers blog, but I think it's best if that's how you think of it. If you keep on going, you'll get back to main roads. Writers block is not a road stop, but merely a way to get to your destination, even if it's not the fastest way. One solutions to writer block is a road block, but writers block itself is not.  And sometimes detours are the better. Sometimes writers block helps you discover and fix problems that you have.
  • Inspiration is the always the best exit.
While writers block isn't bad, but you should try to get back on the main road quickly or else it will take much longer to write you novel.
  • Find a gas station and get some more ink.
As you can see, I'm going with the road theme. Inspiration is your gas. You need it to move. If your on that detour, it might be because it's time you stop and get refueled. Once your full of inspiration, you'll find it easier to keep on moving and find your way to the highway.

You can also think of inspiration as ink. Writers block is when your ink is spilled. 
  • Take a break!
One of the only differences between ink/gas and inspiration is that sometimes when you take a break and step back, you'll get some inspiration.

  • Don't throw things away so quickly!
Another way to get over writers block is to write. It's another good medicine. One form of writers block is when your ideas all seem like trash. While some of your ideas many be trash, one thing you can do is take your best idea and write. If your problem is you can't get inspiration, then this solution is not for you.

Until next time,
Ruth A.


Kaycee said...

What an awesome post! Where did you get all the adorable pictures?

I had never thought of writer's block as a detour. I had always thought of it as..well...a block. Interesting perspective and good suggestions! You know, I am beginning to notice that you have a real talent for analogies. Keep it up! :)

Ruth Ackiv said...

Hi! I got my picture from google images, excepted for the inspiration picture, I was looking for detour signs, and I found the "inspiration next exit" sign too.
I know I like analogies, and I'm glad to hear that I'm good at them (because if I wasn't, them I'd feel bad for all the readers who have to listen to bad analogies).