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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Characters, Cliches, and More

I absolutely love character building! One story that I have had for a very long time (comes in second for most edited plot) Is the Tusger Rebellion Series that stars Akce, Ahlon, and Dann. I know that Ahlon is a lot like Allen and Dann is a lot like Dan, but Dann's real name is not Dann (it's a spoiler if I tell you his real name) and Ahlon's real name is not Ahlon (Also spoiler). But Akce's name is intended to be a respell of the ax. (And it's a spoiler if I tell you why). I have been working on my two most edited stories, and so I thought I'd write a little bit about them.
So Akce is one of my all time favorite characters of any book because she's...well...awesome!
One thing that I love doing is coming up with a meaning for the name of my characters. So here is the meaning of the three heroes' names.
Akce- Lowly Noble
Ahlon-King of Power
Dann- Extreme (His real name has a meaning that suits him better)

And my other story that I have been working on is Wontrae's Flames (Previously known as "the Dragons of Wontrae"). Which has won the award for the most edited plot. This idea is newer than Tusger Rebellion (Which was my 7th or 8th story idea), but it had much more plot flaws. Jaydurin is one of the main heroes for this story. (I say main hero because there are 10 people that qualify as heroes in this story, and this is going to be one book that I will not be surprised if it turns out to be 8 or 9 hundred pages because there is a lot of plot, but it would only work as one book (unless I use much hated cliffhanger).
This book had to be edited the first because when I was around 7, In wrote a cliche knight saves pretty girl story...but I learned that that was cliche, and so I kept the story (because Jaydurin is awesome), but threw in thousands of twist and made it so that the whole plot and Inciting Incident wasn't about the girl.
But then I read a story by Bryan Davis (Dragons of Starlight) that was very similar to my story. Here are a few big ones than do not spoil either books plot.

Series name?
Me: Drgaons of Wontrae
BD: Dragons of Starlight

First book name?
Me: Wontrines
BD: Starlighter

Boy Hero's name?
Me: Jaydurin
BD: Jason

Girl Hero's name?
Me: Kyra
BD: Koren

Me: Jaydurin goes to look for a princess and, after traveling through desserts and other tough terrain, then is magically transported to Wontrae, where many people are being held captive.
BD: Jason is forced to travel through tough terrain and is magically transported to Starlight, where many people are being held captive.

Who is the Villian?
Me: Dragons.
BD: Dragons.

My book was much different, but could easily be translated into a redo of his story. Because Jaydurin found a place where people were being held captive by dragons.
But it took me a really long time to convince myself that I needed to change my story (A whole year!) because Jaydurin is so epic! And Kyra (Now known as Aren) is just as awesome! So I needed to edit my story again because I didn't want to look like a copycat.
There were many minor edits and medium edits in between and after those, but those were the massively huge things that I did.
I could talk about Tusger Rebellion edits (and some edits that I might have to make) but Wontrae's flames is a better example of how editing is fine. If you love your character and have a cliche or copycat plot, then rewrite the plot and keep the character as close to the same as possible, even though change is unstoppable.
In Wontrae's Flames, I ended up making Jaydurin a griffon, even though he was human before. And Aren was a human, but now she's a dragon-like creature. I loved how my story was before, but I am pleased with the edits now and I think my characters are getting better as I edit them and make them just right for the role that they will play.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Randomness needs to be Explained

Hi Everyone! In my stories, I have a strange tendency to make the events of my story random...and I don't like to explain it. It sure isn't a good habit to get into. I know that when rabid bunnies run through the dessert, I need to say WHY they ran through the dessert at some point or another. But I never want to. Why? It's just so easy if I don't! Rabid bunnies here, burning field there. Wild dude here, random death there. I have no idea why I put all those things in my story. Perhaps because I'm bored. Perhaps it's because I'm trying to avoid writers block. Either way, I need to say WHY this happened. Maybe a couple of chapter later, but randomness must be explained.
In One Year Adventure Novel, Daniel Schawbauer says that when you are bored or out of idea, drop a body from the ceiling or blow something up, but he also says you must explain that action later.
I can be bored and send a mob through the middle of my story, but I must say why I did this. By the time the story is over, the reader must think "Oh, now I understand!" Or something like that. They should not wonder for the whole story why a mob randomly ran through the city, and finish your story clueless. Random acts should not be what your reader remember most  from your story. Why was he captured? How did he get there? Why was she shot? It needs to make sense! This is something that I struggle with, even though I know what I should do. As I come closer and closer to the end of my novel, I get more and more random with less and less explanations. This makes my story less believable and it is something I need to work on. 
But I'm sure if you've ever read one of my blog posts, you know that I am random. I will never be able to explain my random posts, but I must learn to explain my random story twists.
Story twist are very good, don't get me wrong, but they are pointless if the readers never understand it. If a guy betrays someone, the reader must, at some point or another, understand the least to some extent. But even though I know all this, I also know something else...
And randomness can be used to my advantage, if I learn how control it and point my random thoughts in the right direction. Randomness can be good or bad. I just have to use my skill for the right purpose. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Randomness on my Story

I find it very easy to make my hero suffer and to make them do poorly, so I really enjoyed hurting Loral in chapter 9 of my novel. It was easy to make her feel bad. But now I'm on chapter 10. Chapter 10 is when my hero gets a chance to give up. I've only written 302 words on chapter 10 because right now, I have writers block. In chapter 10, I need to continue to make Loral suffer and find some way to give her the chance to give up. That's the hard part. She is from the future and she hated her old life, so she would have no motive to go back to it, so I need find something that she wants and tempt her to give up, because right now she doesn't have much to live for. I don't want to give away any plot, so it's hard to explain everything, but I just got an idea. You see, Loral chose to come one her quest because she wanted to find what's left of her family because she's been told they were killed, but she still wants to believe that they're living. Then, she is told that both of her brothers are still alive and so she agrees to go back in time because she knows either one or both of them have gone back in time. So basically I'm going to use her want to find her family against her and have her decided if she's going to follow through with her quest or use what she knows and look for her brother. Wow. Blog posts sure are inspiring.
This is going to be no help to any of you, but I'm going to publish this post anyway because writing about what I needed help with really helped me, like on my post Pictures and Writing and a Block (My last point) I talked about just writing. Well, if you have a writing blog, then just write about your problems. It has proven to be useful by myself!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ember Flame

Hi! Best friend published a book that she wrote when she was 14, but it was published when she was 15. I have not read the published version yet, but I read the unedited version of it and I really liked it! When I read the published version, I will do a book review, but for now...I just want to get the word out. The book is available on amazon and is only 7.99! Now I'll put the summary that she wrote.

For centuries, the Leverage Children have kept the world of Holdinus safe from wars and evil....traveling back and forth across the countries restoring peace to all. Whether it be a trivial fight between neighbors or a diplomatic solution between countries on the brink of battle, the Leverage would restore security. But when the dark lord Sicreet and his Pull dictatorship takes over, the Leverage are scattered and forced into hiding. Some of them turned to evil. Others strive to destroy the Pull. But the most powerful Leverage was lost and knows nothing of her ancient heritage and her duty to the world, which is near total destruction now... Les Bough grew up in the dense forest of Grel, raised by common woodcutters. Until tragedy strikes, and Les is forced to discover her place in the world as Ember Flame, one of the six Leverage, and the only one, who can overthrow the grip Lord Sicreet has over Holdinus...

This book is a fantasy novel and here's a link to where you can buy it:

  • Paperback: 268 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (June 25, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #802,172 in Books