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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Writers Exam

Who's ready for NaNoWriMo? This is going to be my first year doing NaNoWriMo, but to me it sounds like a test. I'll be pushing myself to the limits because I set my goal at 50,500 words. I can't imagine writing the length of Cavestone (Which has taken me over a year) in 30 days. But I'm sure you all want to know what I'm writing about! My story is called Aardwolf. Here's a short synopsis that I wrote for my story:

The Aardwolf has always been considered a god to the people of Occelir and when Akce disrespects the Aardwolf, her parents send her away to the Klah islands with a group of trader. Years later, the traders bring news of war, Akce discovers something that will change her life forever.
Ahlon was captured by his uncle and held against his will at a castle in Ahnnid, he play the role of a respectful son, but he knows he doesn’t belong. Ahlon has to choose between two options that both lead to disaster.
Dann is the son of a valiant knight and a princess from Kvaux. They both tried to protect Dann from something that was inevitable, and they saw it coming. They tried to stop it, his mother when as far as to giving up her life for him. Dann goes on a life changes adventure and uncover who he really is and what his parents tried to stop.
These three teenagers all live in Occelir, though miles apart and they get a glimpse of what they could be in ways no one expected and everyone tried to stop.

I like it. I like it's pretty cool. I also have a NaNoWriMo cover shop! You can get to it here:
Just in case you need a super amazing cover for NaNoWriMo.
I've also sent in 1 million request for characters at different shops within the past 2 weeks and no one has given me a character yet! :(
Anyway, I think that NaNoWriMo sounds like a test because your pushing yourself to your limits and cramming words into a novel. I'm going into it with the mindset of a test. Who know what insanity will come out of me during this test...I don't do well with tests. Which is why it's kinda stupid to think of this as a test...looking back on things, maybe I should have done a better job of renaming it, but seriously, NaNoWriMo is long. Yeap. I'm calling it a test.
I guess it's time to start pushing my limits. I have 3 days left to finish a not even half way done chapter 11. I'll be getting no sleep. But I do have an excuse for my lousy turnout with C11. I've been six for the past eight days, since Sept. 29. And my word log that I fill out each and every day has looked liked this over they past few days: "None." "Cavestone: 86" "None." "Cavestone: 53". Things have been slow. And my plan was to do a ton of writing/planning for Aardwolf over my fall break, which I spent in bed.
This picture has small PLANNED relevance to the post, but of course when you find something this awesome it got to be weaved into your post somehow. Yes, so Darth Vadar thinks it's disturbing that this is my first NNWM test.
er test in progress osha sign
I really like images, if you can't tell, they make me fell way more awesome. I'm a visual person. 
But NNWM is going to be hard for me i chose a word count goal that is tough, but achievable it's gonna be rough, but if I go full speed, I'll be ok. My favorite me quote ever:

Dad: "Let's do a sanity check"
Me: "I don't think I'm sane."

That is by far the most awesome quote I have for myself. By my standards.
I'm also concerned about school and wondering where it will come in during this race against time. But you guys don't care about that.
You want to hear about my novel, I'm sure. But there's not much to tell you. I can't give you a scene from Cavestone because the showdown is a lot of Loral discovering herself and deciding what is true and what is false. So you don't get a scene
I'm going to go and work on Novel planning and novel writing because both of those must be done by Nov. 1st. And just because it rocks:
-Ruth A.

1 comment:

Kaycee said...

Cool synopsis! i'm soooo lookin forward to doing NaNo with you!!! Don't look at it as a test! Look at it as a fun way to meet new young writers! :) A lot of people don't check the forums a lot until November, so that might be why it is taking awhile for your characters. I am going to have to get you to make my siggie though cuz yours turned out fantastic!

See you on the forum!

Love the Darth Vadar poster! XD