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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm a Winner!!!

I won!!!

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on and all that. It feels good to done with NaNoWriMo.

Here are a few random NaNo facts:

First word: You
50,500th word: You
The sentence that made me a winner: “Thank you sir.”

I did not intesionally make it so that my first and 50,500th word would be the same, but I think it's pretty cool.
I am not done with Aardwolf, I'm about half way done, but I have won!!! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Ahead!

I don't have the time to write a long post, and won't until after November, but I have a super awesome picture (because a picture is worth 1,000 words, right?)

I am ahead!!! And here's another picture:

My brand new cover for Aardwolf.
Anyway, hope your NaNo is going well too.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


Here is a clip I just finished writing in  Aardwolf: (with a ... when I remove something from it for this clip)


          “So you’re a spy? ...”
          “Yes, you could say I’m a spy, or you could say I’m a man who’s ready to stand up for myself. You could also say I’m a man who’s ready to embrace life, and live it to its fullest. I’m tired of being a trader!”
          “So you became a betrayer!”
          Harlef ties my hands and shoves me towards a masked person. “Be good.”


          I pull out a knife and hide in my cloak. Yes, be good.


          I walk into the castle and past the numerous servants and slaves and straight into Sullon’s chambers. At first he is startled, but he smiles. “How are you today, Harlef?”

And another-


          “What are you doing?” I ask and punch his face.
          With his free hand, he grips his head. ...
          “ ... I want the joy of killing Sullon. I want to watch him bleed and beg for mercy. I want to watch him be frightened for one moment in his life and to feel the pain that everyone else has felt all these years.”
          “You have felt nothing! I was living free and then Sullon took over my home, my freedom and I was one of the people who helped Staskin become what it is today. You have lived in riches, while your people died around you!” Harlef throws a good punch to my face. “You are a heartless pig!”
          I pull Harlef back to where he tied Akce up. “Why did you tie up Akce?”
          “Oh, you’ve taken a liking to that lady? She’s cocky and overconfident…unusable. She is convinced that her way is best, even though it is filled with flaws.”
          “Yeah, and your plan doesn’t?”
          “Mine was thought through. Hers was a spur of the moment plan.”
          “How long have you planned yours? I’ve planned mine since I came to live with Sullon.”
          “I planned mine since he built Ahnnid! Oh! In your face!” Harlef punches me again. “See, that is planning right there!”

This is suppose to be Akce's mentor, but he isn't really turning out to be.
Akce doesn't need a physical mentor (Teaches the hero fighting, a weapon, etc.), but she does need a mental mentor (Teaches a virtue) really badly, and he just ruined himself with those two scenes.
Anyway, back to writing and maybe fixing Akce's...mentor. Or maybe I'll let him be and find another mentor. Either way,  I'm going to write some more and try to caught up on my word count goal because I'm close to 7,000 words behind.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Aardwolf Updates (Chapters 1,2,3,4)

So I've given up on labeling chapters by OYAN standards because at the moment here are where various characters are chapter-wise:

  1. Akce- Chapter 2
  2. Evadon- Chapter 3
  3. Ahlon- Chapter 1
  4. Dann- Chapter 4
  5. Conleeh- Chapter 3
  6. Partinzee- Chapter 1
  7. Togen- Chapter 3
  8. Karmid- Chapter 3

All of these are heros, someone of them are more main heros than other. So the main heros are:

  1. Akce
  2. Ahlon
  3. Evadon
  4. Conleeh
And that lead me to the introduction of a few people you've never heard of.

His parents left him to die as an infant, but lucky for him, a small group of traders found him and had the heart to care for him. (There's so much to spoil about him, so I don't want to say much more.)
She has lived in a dark cellar all her life we she has seen one bad sign after another. Karmid wants desperately to tell the world what she has seen in this dark home of hers, but her father is the on person who stands between her and freedom.
He has lived in the Polnce region his entire life, trying to live a normal life, but there is one huge thing that stands between him and being normal.
Togen- (You might have met him)
He ran away from home as an child the moment he got a chance he has to team up with his worst enemy to keep Sullon from regaining control of the world.

This is a short post, and the description are lame, I know, but I am writing this post at 11, after a lot of writing, so I'm tired. You'll just have to deal with short posts this November.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Excerpt from Aardwolf!!!!

By OYAN standards, I ahev not completed chapter 1 of Aardwolf (I've only started the inciting incident for one of four people.)
On Saturday, I wrote nothing and so far today, I've written almost nothing (only 300 words) unlike my planned 6,000 words this weekend. Excerpt
Here's the first couple hundred words of my novel (from Akce's view point)


            “You! You’re a spy!” A man runs me out of his broken down shack that he calls a club…a thieves club.

            I eye the handful of coins that came from the pocket of thieves themselves, but I can’t say they’re good ones. That would be a lie.
            I walk towards the marketplace, trying to avoid the simple shopkeeper Zodisor, but when you’re the only person around and the market is almost closed, then that is hard to do. “Akce!” Zodisor shouts. “What can I do for you?”
            I drop the coins on the table “What can I get for these coins? I don’t care how rotten the meat is, so long as it’s edible.”
            “I see you’ve been at the ports again…” Zodisor glances at the trader currency. “And didn’t have much luck either…”
            “You’re just going to turn me in again…”
            “Pork is half off today. I’ll give you some of that.”
            “Fine, just hurry up! I can’t stand here all night and until dawn. I’ve got places to be.”
            Zodisor pulls five slabs of meat off the butcher’s table and slides them over to me. “Thank you…” I mumble and quickly leave the docks.
            I pull into the shadows as the club owner marches through the street, as if he’s tempting me to beat him and prove that I’m better. The man’s searching eye has finally reached me. I tighten my belt and reach for my dagger.
            “Miss, I need you to give that money back. This club is for…”
            “It’s a thieves club.”
            “That’s not the point. My club is for thieves to grow together and thrive in the stupid swamp. I’m going to have to take it from you if you don’t…”
            The man rushes over to me. “Give it!”
            I punch his nose hard enough that it begins to bleed. “If you want it, you’re going to have to take it!”
            The man wipes the blood away and throws a wild punch in my direction, which is easily avoided. I pull out my dagger stand there, waiting to see the man’s response.
            “Please…don’t hurt me…” He begs.
            “Leave or I might be inclined to do so.”

I did I quick editing session on it before I posted it, but I'm sure it's still got it's flaws, though.
So anyway, I'm going to go work on aardwolf instead of this post. I'll write a longer update on Aardwolf later.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The First day of NaNo!

This is going to be a short post, but Nano is here. I have written my 3,000 words on Aardwolf (yeah!) Here's my story summary:

The Aardwolf has always been considered a god to the people of Occelir and when Akce disrespects the Aardwolf, her parents send her away to the Klah islands with a group of trader. Years later, the traders bring news of war, Akce discovers something that will change her life forever.
Ahlon was captured by his uncle and held against his will at a castle in Ahnnid, he play the role of a respectful son, but he knows he doesn’t belong. Ahlon has to choose between two options that both lead to disaster.
Dann is the son of a valiant knight and a princess from Kvaux. They both tried to protect Dann from something that was inevitable, and they saw it coming. They tried to stop it, his mother when as far as to giving up her life for him. Dann goes on a life changes adventure and uncover who he really is and what his parents tried to stop.
These three teenagers all live in Occelir, though miles apart and they get a glimpse of what they could be in ways no one expected and everyone tried to stop.

So my plan for Nano is to write 3,000 words today (check!) so I can write less tomorrow (and catch up on the school I didn't do today) And write 6,000 words over every weekend so that I can do school during the week.
I need to write around 1,700 a day to complete my 5,500 word novel.
Now, for a bit of a background on Aardwolf. I came up with Aardwolf when I was 6 or 7 years old. I don't remember why i came up with, or any other details and spend an entire hour looking through my room for the first draft of Aardwolf, which was called...something else.
Now, for the first paragraph of my novel. (It's a short one).

"You! You’re a spy!" A man runs me out of his broken down shack that he calls a club…a thieves club.

And the oldest version of Aardwolf I can find at the moment is one I wrote Nov. 2010 (little did I know I'd be writing it two years later that same month). The story was then nameless because I didn't like the name I had for it previously, I guess. Well, here's the first paragraph of the 2010 draft of Aardwolf.

Dann tried not to let the scorching heat decrease his performance. He stared at the king's face. It's not fair! Dann ducked to dodge a sword. He had to do it. A spur of energy hit him and he struck blades. Then felt blade come upon him. He braced himself for the pain and before it was upon him he felt horribly cold.

I am glad to say that Aardwolf is much better than that draft. And hopefully I'll find a handwritten copy of Aardwolf to share with you. That copy was written on a very old computer. (which is how I know when I wrote it).
I feel like the first 2,500 words were a bit more jumpy than I wanted them to be, but I think I've already said that the first 2-3 chapters (if I'm writing an OYAN novel) will be very jumpy. I have so far gone to 4 peoples view points, like the first 8 pages were switching to a different person each page, then I got to the point were I could spent 5 pages on Akce.
Now, off to write a bit more on Aardwolf and do some other cool stuff.