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Monday, December 24, 2012

Wake Up!

All of you who have completed NaNoWriMo probably have not been doing much writing in the last month (I haven't). But now it is time to get up and write some more. Because your nap is over now. Last night I was reading the last 50 pages of Aardwolf because I forgot a lot of what I had done, and I came across some really oddly worded sentences that really didn't make much sense. One was said by one of my favorite characters in Aardwolf, Errow. he is really awesome.
“When one is close to their senses, they can tell certain things about one another. I have built up the tips of my finger, and they told me…”
Now that the pressure is off, we can write at our own pace and fix up our books (or finish it in my case).
Merry Christmas to all with great hopes and wish of longer posts in the future.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Writing: Best and Worst

The best part of writing depends on who you are. And for me, it's how I feel. There's
  1. Inspiration
  2. Knowing that I'm creating something awesome
  3. Remembering what I've done, and what I want to do
  4. Seeing my awesome imagination that makes my characters come to life.
What about the bad parts? Because, of course, to every pro there is a con.
  • Rejection
Don't we all hate it when someon doesn't like our books? That bad book review, or the ugly comment. 
  • Self-doubt
That feeling when read over an old book, an old short story, or an old manuscript you wrote. When you think I really wrote that? or Am I that bad? Why would anyone want to read my writing? Self doubt is probably to worst discouragement.
  • Writers Block
People tell you to try something different, write on a different story, or to change perspectives, but sometimes I am so discouraged that won't even help. Sometimes I don't want to know what to do, but just that I can do it.
But we all have our highs and our lows as writer. We all experience the pros and cons.
Your characters, which you thought you knew so well, suddenly seem like strangers.  No one, family, friends, editor, or otherwise, seems interested in your story.
What do we do when we get to this low? Either
  • Give up
The easiest option, but the worst. You quit because, well, you agree with everyone. You let your story end at the low point and everyone thinks of you as a quitter.
  • Or keep going
You tell yourself you can do it and, ignoring the negative thoughts, you write on. And your 1st draft doesn't need to be perfect. It can be full of flaws that you work out in later revisions.

There's plenty of people who want to write stories and never get around to it. Or who start writing a book, but hit a low and stop, but we keep on writers. We finish our stories. We look back and think I did that. I got over my tough spots and I did that. And you ought to be proud. Because you did that. You took the time to write down your thoughts on a computer, or notebook. You don't have to be published or famous to be a writer. Even the dictionary agrees with that. Here's how defines a writer

person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc., to writing

And here's what writing means:

such characters or matter with respect to style, kind, quality,etc.

If your committing you thoughts to words with style and quality, then you are a writer. And you should be proud to be one. Maybe you'll never be famous, or maybe one day you're books will be on the covers of magazines. But either way, you'll always be a writer.
It's simple just commit your thoughts and style, right? That is the easy part the hard part is keeping the thoughts...finishing the them. And making sure the thought keeps its style and quality. But we are the writers. We make it through the highs and the lows and we keep the quality through the highs and lows.
The next time you run into one of your lows, remember that. Don't shame yourself and remain someone who wants to be a writer, be one. It's easy to want, but being is another matter.
Whether your excuse lack of talent, time, “cool enough ideas”, or whatever else you can come up with, be sure you never forget who you are, and what you've done because you are a writer.

Friday, December 7, 2012

NaNo is over!!!

Yeah, the tittle pretty much says it all, NaNoWriMo is over! (And I won!) But my novel is not anywhere close to being done. By OYAN standards, I am on chapter 5. Since NaNo, I have written around 300 words. Yeah, I've been taking a break. My plan is to pick up the pace by Dec. 11th because after NaNo, I need a break. I was sick all over Nov. with various colds, and every NaNoer should take a break. But I do have a deadline, Aardwolf has to be completed and edited by June 30th. That's plenty of time, Right?
Since I don't feel like writing this post anymore, here's any exert from the introduction of Karmid.

            Evil, pure evil. That’s what lurches in these deep tunnels. Evil. I jump into the shadows as the eerie light moves across the stone wall. ‘They…they will rescue you,’ I repeat to myself. ‘I have made them so dark…so evil that no light can penetrate it. None.’ In the deepest shadow, things are different, the light cannot break through it. Darkness lurches here. Is this really where I want to be? No. Is my quick answer. It’s not where I want to be, but it’s where I must be.
            The light flickers. ‘Someday I will rescue you, may the Aardwolf comfort you. He will protect you, until you join us.’ I shake these dreadful thoughts out of my mind, but they quickly return. ‘Do not fear, little girl. I will take you to your mother. She misses you. She…loves you.’ “Mother,” I whisper so it’s barely audible. Yes, she does…did love me. Now she’s dead. No dead woman can love. She can’t love my pitiful soul.
            “Oh but she can,” Say a hissing voice, “She does.”
            “Go away!” I back into the corner of my shadow. “I don’t believe in you!”
            “You lack of belief is why I am here. The Aardwolf sent me.”
            “Go away! The Aardwolf is not my master!”
            “Not yet! The Aardwolf is already ruler of Occelir and will be ruler of you soon enough.”
            “But... In the name of Sahibel, be gone!”
            “Ohhhhhhh…” The voice slowly fades and then a voice echoes off the walls “Karmid..!” The voice hisses, but quickly fades.
            “I am the Aardwolf! Sahibel has no control over me!” A dark spot that is even darker than my corner moves into the darkness. “If you trust in…him…then why are you in the darkness? Indeed, I am your master.
            “Tell that to Sahibel,” I reply, shaking with fear. “He is ruler, and I am his subject.”
            “It is not his time to reign I have dominion over Occelir!”
            “But not over me. I trust in Sahibel!”
            The shadows are moving abnormally, they sail across the wall and towards me.
            “Sahibel!!!” I shout and all the shadows flee, all but one. The Aardwolf. The shadow slowly turns into an animal, a fierce Aardwolf
            But, when it hears the pounding of feet, it turns into a shadow and hides in the darkness. “Karmid!” I scoot further into the corner. “Karmid!” I dark creature opens the cellar door and walks through. “KARMID!” The deep voice yells hissing and sputtering like a demon. This was just one of the things the Aardwolf has up his sleeve. But then again, the Aardwolf ran from it. That left only one person. Father. I stay in the darkness to be sure. The hooded man grabs the lantern from the wall.

This has had no editing at all. It is my second time ever reading through it just now because my NaNo strategy was write and don't look back. And I didn't. I never reread what I wrote, so it has no editing.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prayer Request update

Thanks to everyone who is praying! My brother is doing good, he broke a part of his vertebra, but it was the best place to break it. He is home, and without any neck support at all. He broke a bone that is attached to the muscle, which is really good because we where concerned that is was a part protecting the spinal cord. Thanks to all who prayed!

Prayer Request!

My brother fell on his head and is in the hospital. He might have broken his neck. Please pray for my brother to be OK. I'll keep you updated, but prayer is awesome. Please pray!