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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Working on Aardwolf

My goal was to finish Aardwolf (rough draft) by the end of Feb., but that is not going to happen. It will be done soon, but not as soon as I had hoped because I read over almost all of Aardwolf from Feb. 1st to today and in that reading over, I move, removed, and redid many part, which brings the grand total of my novel to...
41,335 words
Yeah...not so great. At that total, Aardwolf would not have won NaNoWriMo. But there where some things that needed change, and the novel is a lot better now as a result. And it's not the quantity of the words that's really important, but the quality.
But in my defense, it takes a lot longer to write Aardwolf now then it did at the begining because I now must have three documents other then Aardwolf open while I write that I flip back and forth form because Aardwolf is so complex.
New Character (yeah!)
Here's a list of (important) characters I have introduced since my last post.
  • Joder
  • Jraco
  • Light
  • Keddle
And I have plans for dozens of character that I recently invented. A sneak peak being
  • Farrein
  • Raymid
  • Gul
  • Rendar
  • Raynez
And a few posts ago, I mentioned the characters Promise and Faithful (which are kinda sorta (that's a complex part) not their real names in a weird way) and now my characters know their names. But you don't get to know that. :P (Because I'm mean like that)
People dying (Such a wonderful sub-category)
I am about to kill someone in my story! (Though who, you do not get to know.)
Random conculsion
Today I wrote very little on Aardwolf itself, but a lot the planning side. I wrote a lot on a document titled "extended names" but revealing what that means is revealing way too much. And also in my reading through Aardwolf, I added a cool story to a book that my character Conleeh (who loves reading) reads through. He's a bit nerdy at times. Anyway...goodbye.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have had 1,000 page views on my blog! (And yes, am working on some cool posts that will hopefully be out soon)

Top countries:

  1. United States (581)
  2. Russia (371)
  3. Germany (15)
  4. United Kingdom (7)
  5. Canada (6)
  6. Ukraine (6)
  7. Hungary (4)
  8. China (3)
  9. South Korea (3)
  10. France (2) 

Top searched keywords:

  1. and when akce disrespects (4)
  2. stories told from the dragons point... (1)
  3. "shot at a cover" (1)

Top posts:

  1. A synopsis (21)
  2. Picture and Writing and a Block (13)
  3. Time and Trouble (12)
Thanks to all my viewers!