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About Me

Hi! My name is Ruth Ackiv and I love to write! I can't remember when I've ever not written stories because before I saw writing stories, I was drawing stories or telling stories. Up until I was four, I would make shadows with may hands and have my shadows go on adventures every single night. When I was four, I got a note book and I filled the note book with pictures and used them to tell myself a story and I just got more and more notebooks. And I still did shadow stories. Then I started to learn how to write and read and I started putting words in with my pictures. When my writing skills where more advance I wrote first story without the assistance of pictures. It was called "The Story of Yui" That's all I remember about that story, which was completed in about four pages. After that, I wrote many stories that ranged from 5-10 pages and then when I was eight, I wrote "Miss Kristy" which was almost 20 pages and from there they continued to get longer. I have an incomplete novel, "Cavestone" that I plan to finish in December of 2012 and I am working on my second novel, "Aardwolf" that won NaNoWriMo 2012, but I am still a long way from completing it.

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